Latta Family Origins

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Name FT Birth Birthplace Marriage Place Spouse Death Place Father Mother Children Sources
Francis Julia Rose Henry (1824/5-1870)
Francis William 14 Mar 1811 St George East, London 23 May 1839 Liverpool Mary Davies Michael (1762-1841) Mary Smille
Francis Y 1842/5 Ireland Mary Ann Dewhurst (1842/3-) 1Q 1883 Leigh Thomas (1805/6-) Emily(1866-),Elizabeth (1869-), Thomas (1870-1916), Francis(1873-),Charles(1876-1955)[P]
Frank (Francis) 1854/5 Ireland  3Q 1874 Salford William (1811/12-) Jane (1813/14-85)
Francis Birrell (Latto) 14 Jul 1855 Leuchars n.a. 1858 Dunbog, Fife Alexander Jean Birrell Parents usulaly listed as Latto
Francis Y 12 Jul 1859 Abbey B n.a. 23 Dec 1860 Bridgeton, Glas Robert Ann Ternie(Tierney)
Francis Y 3Q 1865 Salford n.a. 3Q 1865 Salford Robert Frances Mottershead
Francis (Frank) Y 1Q 1873 Leigh Phillis Maud Smith (1874-1951) Jul 1943 Ryde, NSW Francis(1842/5-83) Mary Ann Dewhurst (1842/3-) Charles Thurston (1899-), Frank (1902-70)
Frank 3Q 1898 Wandsworth
Francis Y 22 Oct 1881 Broulee, NSW 1912 Glen Innes, NSW Annie Selina McPharlan (1878-1974) 16-Mar-34 Glen Innes, NSW William Elizabeth Backhouse
Francis James M'Culloch 20 Mar 1884 St Quivox Sep-15 BC, Canada John Frances Elizabeth McCulloch prob'y to Canada 1890
Francis Charles 1889 Canianmbo, Vic 1910 Tamleigh, Vic Mary Ann Bishop (1890/1-1943) 1953 Essendon, Vic James Charlotte Chessel Charlotte Mary (1910-), Alma Frances (1911-), Ronald Francis Vincent (1913-59), Elsie Muriel (1915-96), Doris Melba (1919-), Leslie William (1923-92)
Francis McDonald Y 1893 Koru, Vic 1930 Victoria Ruby Clarice Victoria Amor (1893/4-1982) 1977 Fitzroy, Vic James Jemima Fraser
Frank Y 23 Apr 1902 Leigh 4Q 1924 Barton I Violet Gilpin (1905-58) 3Q 1970 Salford Frank (1873-) Phillis Maude Phyllis(1925-),Violet(1934-),Mavis(1942-)
Francis Fender 5-Oct-04 Enniscorthy, Wexford Connie 20-Aug-80 Ferns, Wexford Robert Alexander(1867-1937) Elizabeth Mabel Fender(1867/8-1940)
Francis M'Ternan Y 1905 Hamilton n.a. 14-Mar-10 Hamilton John Elizabeth Meldrum
Francis Robert15 Feb 1908Catlins, NZMargaret Helen28 May 1986Wanganui, NZHenry James (1873-1951)Mary Ann Paterson
Frank 1943 Ryde, NSW Frank Mary
Frank 24-Jan-23 Ryde, NSW 1951 Randwick, NSW Joan Ursula Ryan 10 Sep 1979 Chifley, NSW Charles Thurston  (1899-1964) Florence A Aldous (1898/9-1977)