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Chronological Name Records

The purpose of these records is to show for a given individual all the salient genealogical information.     Thus in the most complete version, each named individual will have a record of the date and place of birth, the date and place of marriage with the spouse’s name, the date and place of death plus information on the two parents, all children and sometimes other pertinent information such as location at the time of a given census.

Please note that if a surname spelling is not given, it was Latta.   Only variants of the surname are shown and these will only be given prior to 1855 for Scotland and 1837 for England and Wales.    I apologize for some inconsistency in listing locations (e.g. in some cases I list the county, in others I do not) but if you have any questions, please contact me.     In a few cases you may see (P) against an entry.  This means I believe it is most probably correct but I am not 100% sure.  

There is also a column that relates to family group.    I am still working on these family trees and so they are not shown on the website but I am happy to provide, if requested, what information I have.   The family trees are simply labeled by the earliest male name and then given an identifying number (Robert1, Robert2 etc).     These are purely random numbers but by looking at those individuals that I have listed to date, you can see who is related.

The name lists consist only of males.   For this piece of sexism, I apologize but because the name passes through the male and my original purpose was to trace Latta names, males provide more linkage across generations.     Also women are more difficult to trace as this would have involved researching many names, most of which are more common than Latta.

I have tried to array the name records chronologically by date of birth.   Where I have birth information, this is obviously straightforward.     Where the record is only a marriage and I cannot identify the corresponding birth date, I have assumed an age of 25.    Thus the person appears in the list at a date 25 years prior to marriage.    For most marriages this is probably a reasonable assumption but clearly it should be borne in mind that in some cases, the age of marriage could be much higher so the person is appearing well out of birth sequence.     Where the only record I have for a given individual is a record of the birth to them of a child, I have assumed an age of 27.    

The biggest difficulty related to death records.   I have assumed that all deaths prior to 1900 were at age 60 and all after 1900 at age 70.    Clearly this can be substantially wrong, especially for infant and child deaths which were common prior to about 1900.

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