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Prior to 1837 for England and Wales and to 1855 for Scotland, all the data on the rest of the site lists anyone whose name was spelled Latto along with Latta and other alternative spellings.    By the mid-19th century, spelling had standardized to a greater extent and Latto became the spelling used most heavily in Fife and Angus.      As outlined elsewhere on the site, however, it seems clear that earlier the use of Latta and Latto was intertwined.

This section of the site provides information on the Latto name after the dates given above.  This is still a work-in-progress and more will be added to the site as it becomes available.

English Latto Male Births 1837-1941

English Latto Female Births 1837-1941

English Latto Male Marriages 1837-1961

English Latto Female Marriages 1837-1961

English Latto Male Deaths 1837-2011

English Latto Female Deaths 1837-2011

Scottish Latto Male Births 1855-1941

Scottish Latto Female Births 1855-1941

Scottish Latto Male Marriages 1855-1961

Scottish Latto Female Marriages 1855-1961

Scottish Latto Male Deaths 1855-2011

Scottish Latto Female Deaths 1855-2011