Latta Family Origins




In England, the Registry records from 1837 to 1865 provided the name of the deceased, the quarter of registration and the registration district.   From 1866, the age of the deceased was also given.    From 1969, the exact date of birth was provided.

In Scotland, the Registry records showed the name, year of death and the registration district.   From 1866, the age of the deceased was added.  

I have added age where known for deaths prior to 1866 and the names of the parents and spouse, where known to me. 

As many researchers will know, the IGI covers only births and marriages and does not include any death information.      Thus the information for deaths is solely given after national registration began. 

Scottish Male Deaths 1855-2011

Scottish Female Deaths 1855-2011

English Male Deaths 1837-2011

English Female Deaths 1837-2011

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